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The Awesome and Indefatigable Chip Foose

Chip Foose walked into our shop this morning and left this drawing on Davis’ bench. He’d purchased a copy of Erik Arneson’s biography of my dad, read it, and then drawn this picture of how he imagined the Challenger 2.5 would look once we were finished with it.  

Chip is a really great artist, and we liked his illustration so much that we decided to wrap our wind tunnel model in an identical vinyl pattern. That ended up being a pretty challenging task, so the next time he came around and saw us struggling with it, he offered to paint the model himself free of charge. We dropped it off around 10:00 AM on a Sunday morning. Chip worked on it all day and long into the night, talking and drawing and being generally unsatisfied with anything short of perfection. He finished up around 2 AM. It was pretty astonishing. Thanks Chip!