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Speed Week 2018: How to Follow Along


We're excited to be celebrating the Challenger 2's 50th anniversary at this year's SCTA Speed Week competition. The event is held on Utah's Bonneville Salt Flats, and is scheduled August 11-17th. If you're able to attend in person, we plan (conditions permitting) on making our first run on the morning of Saturday, August 11th. We try to be one of the earliest cars off the line, so be sure to head to the start area after the driver's meeting if you want to catch us. 

Can't attend in person? No problem! 

  • For live updates from the start line, head to Twitter.
  • If you're just interested in major news, we'll post that on Facebook and Instagram.
  • For in-depth nightly posts, including pictures and a brief podcast featuring Danny, you're already in the right place! We'll post those right here on our news page