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Speed Week 2018: A 446mph Saturday

The title says it all! The Challenger 2 recording a blistering 446.605mph pass for the opening day of Speed Week. Danny said it was a pretty hairy ride (and our GoPro footage backs that up), but overall, the team couldn't be happier with today's performance. The streamliner has never gone faster, and despite a broken valve spring, the crew was able to get everything fixed-up and tip-top within the four hours they were permitted to work on the car in the impound area. If you'd like to hear more about everything that happened today, please listen to tonight's podcast, which is embedded below this post (press the little triangle to play).

Tomorrow is another huge day for the team, and we'll be starting early. In order to clinch a new record, we need to make a successful backup pass. We're planning on lining up as early as possible, and hope to be at the start line and ready-to-roll by 7AM. If you'd like to follow along live, you can head over to our Twitter account for updates, or listen to the livestream from the tower, which is available online this year. Otherwise, check back here later in the evening for a full update. As always, thanks for supporting Thompsonlsr! 

All photos (except for the time slip) by Bubb Lannan.