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March 2014 Photo Update (Part II)

March 2014 Photo Update (Part I)

February 2014 Photo Update

Just a few quick snapshots this month. Don't worry though. We're prepping for March, when we expect to to reach two huge milestones. First, our new aluminum wheels arrive. Second...we're starting her up!  See you then. 

January 2014 Photo Update

We've taken delivery of the Hadley Boxes and are laying out the plumbing and electrical pathways. Our ongoing packaging issues have necessitated some aero modifications that we're still playing around with. Additionally, I had the privilege of presenting the Mickey Thompson Award of Excellence to Dr. John “Doc” Bodnar at this year's Supercross opener in Anaheim. 

Grand National Roadster Show 2014 Photos

We made it! The show was a big success, and I'm personally grateful to our loyal team members, volunteers, patrons, and sponsors for sticking with us and making sure that we arrived on time and in style. Thank you! 

December Photo Update

We're really had our heads down this month prepping the Challenger II for it's public debut at the Grand National Roadster Show in January. Fingers crossed. 

ThyssenKrupp Materials N.A. Joins The Team

When our engineer Tim Gibson sat down to design a new set of wheels for the Challenger II, he knew that we needed material of the highest possible quality much faster than most companies could deliver it. To solve our problem, we turned to ThyssenKrupp Material N.A. They were able to supply us with the 4,000lbs of 2024-T3 aerospace grade aluminum we needed to build just 16 wheels for the streamliner. We'll update this entry with pictures of the manufacturing process and the final product as our friends at SK Specialities shape the raw aluminum into some of the fastest wheels on the planet. Thanks TKMNA!

Mickey Thompson by Paige

About a month ago, a young racer named Paige interviewed me about my dad for her sixth grade book report. I liked it very much, so I'm reposting it here with her permission. - D/T 


Mickey Thompson
 Promoter, Innovator, Legend

By: Paige X.


Imagine living in 1960. On the morning of September 9, you will be the first American to pass 400 mph.  You squeeze into the Challenger cockpit, ready to go. You are determined.  You have no ounce of fear. Trying to break a speed record is just part of your everyday life.  The crystal white salt glitters on the seven mile course.  The Bonneville Salt Flats, a place where many others have attempted to pass the land speed record before you. Today, you would do it, because you are Mickey Thompson.  You are “always looking forward to your next adventure.” You gaze upon the flat terrain the stretches far beyond your view.  As the course officials give you the okay signal, you take a deep breath...

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October Photo Update

This was an exciting month. A lot of the individual projects that we've been working on independently are finally starting to come together. Plus, we've taken delivery of the second engine. Twin monsters. 

September Photo Update

This month we take you into the cockpit, onto the trailer, and directly in front of the nose. We also show off some of our newly finished front end parts. Did you know that virtually all of our photos are taken by the talented Holly Martin? You should visit her new website here: