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Mickey Thompson Tires Becomes a Major Sponsor of THOMPSONLSR


Danny Thompson is proud to announce that Mickey Thompson Tires and Wheels, a company founded by his late father, has joined THOMPSONLSR as the team's first major sponsor. An undisputed leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance racing products, M/T Tires will equip the streamliner with a purpose built set of highly advanced competition tires certified safe up to an extraordinary 575 miles per hour. Banded with steel wire and extensively cross woven with nylon, the Bonneville specific set is a testament to Mickey's objective upon founding the company, which was to provide the best possible solutions to racers and enthusiasts intent on pushing the limits of their vehicles and themselves.


THOMPSONLSR is a multigenerational quest for speed. Mickey Thompson, the first American racer to go over 400 mph, built the Challenger II in 1968 to claim the world land speed record. Designed and assembled by hot rod royalty, the futuristic vehicle was mothballed after the salt course at Bonneville unexpectedly flooded during testing. Originally conceived of as a father-son restoration, Danny Thompson and his team are resurrecting the world's fastest piston driven vehicle in his father's memory. 


Mickey Thompson Performance Tires & Wheels designs, develops, and markets racing and high-performance tires for drag-racing cars and motorcycles, modified street cars, off-road race vehicles, modified pick-up trucks, Jeeps, 4x4’s and sport utility vehicles. The company, founded in 1963 by racing legend Mickey Thompson, is headquartered in Stow, Ohio, USA, and offers a wide range of tires and wheels in unique sizes to enhance the look and performance of these specialty high-performance and racing vehicles.


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