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THOMPSONLSR Joins Forces with Replay XD for Video


Replay XD, the leading manufacturer of high quality, ultra-rugged imaging solutions has joined forces with THOMPSONLSR. Modifications to the substructure of the streamliner have allowed the team to build mounting points directly into the vehicle to capture footage of the car's runs in high definition, as well as monitor and analyze the deployment of key systems, including the parachute blossoms, for later analysis. The compact size and unmatched versatility of the Replay XD cameras provided the best possible solution for external and internal video recording. Danny Thompson is pleased to announce their partnership in his racing endeavor. 


THOMPSONLSR is a multigenerational quest for speed. Mickey Thompson, the first American racer to go over 400 mph, built the Challenger II in 1968 to claim the world land speed record. Designed and assembled by hot rod royalty, the futuristic vehicle was mothballed after the salt course at Bonneville unexpectedly flooded during testing. Originally conceived of as a father-son restoration, Danny Thompson and his team are resurrecting the world's fastest piston driven vehicle in his father's memory. 


Replay XD was designed by a group of racing professionals with over 50 years of experience in the high performance racing industry. The development team forever revolutionized Action Cameras, creating the smallest, lightest, ultra-rugged, and most versatile cameras. Replay XD Action Cameras endure and capture never before seen video from human and machine in the most extreme environments on Earth. They create the finest Action Cameras on the Planet.


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